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Veterinary Practice Services

Meeting the most urgent needs of Veterinary Practice Owners:

Staffing Challenges & Client Retention

We help grow your business

Bright Box Vet-Assist: DVM Recruiting & Veterinary Practice Project Management

We manage and expedite Practice Owner's business development projects by:

  • Prospecting and validating vendor opportunities/organizations
  • Organizing and leading all vendor/candidate meetings
  • Providing strategic counsel, hiring resources, professional marketing and project management solutions
  • Expedite all documents, processes, communications, and client obligations
  • COVM Recruiting: position/job opportunity to appropriate staff/networks
  • International pipeline of DVM candidates seeking sponsorship
  • Continually scouting additional opportunities and vendor candidates
  • Advocating 100% for our client every second
PP2C Logo

The Preferred Pathway to CareTM

PP2CTM is a collaborative effort to establish a consistent standard of care focused on happy, healthy, pain-free longevity. By agreeing on services that should be offered to every pet, the clinic can give a standard of care that can be expected in every exam, in every procedure and for every client. 

The Preferred Pathway to Care is a systematic approach to the medical care of patients that reflects the mission and core values of the individual practice and the teams commitment to providing outstanding and complete care. 

PP2C Trained Teams do the common things uncommonly well!